Hello, konichiwa, anyonghaseyo, apa khabar! I am Laura Raymond (LR) and I'm a portraiture photographer in Tokyo.  I was born and grew up in Kota Kinabalu and then settled in Penang.  I also lived in Busan, South Korea and back to Penang, Malaysia for a bit.

Welcome to my portfolio page and I hope you find my work lovely, real and personal as how I want to convey my passion for portraiture photography.  I aim to bring out the best side of you in your photographs regardless of your age, body, gender, and nationality.  

I worked in the quality assurance field in various industries for at least 10 years but photography has always been my creative outlet since the film camera days.  My initial motivation was to go into serious portraiture photography without relying on my family as my only published works.  What came next were just bonuses. My most favourite part of the job is being able to meet with people from all over the world in just one place and then giving them joy with the amazing photographs they can keep as memories for years to come.  I am also into videography these days.

When I'm not taking photos or editing them, I cook, Konmari my home, study languages, marathon Kdramas, and travel on the weekends.  I am fluent in English and Malay. I do converse in basic Korean and I just started learning Japanese.  

Please contact me at these contact methods:
PM/DM at www.facebook.com/LRphotographytokyo
Email: Laura.boin@gmail.com
or use the contact form below.
Looking forward to seeing you and document your story.

Thank you for contacting me. Your inquiry is important and you will hear from me in not more than 3 days.